Bird houses are used by cavity-nesting birds such as Chickadees, Wrens, Eastern Bluebirds, Woodpeckers, Ducks and Owls.  We carry all of these houses plus bat houses at our Minnetonka and St. Paul locations.

Nesting material is also available in stock at both our WBU Minnetonka and St. Paul locations. All natural cotton fiber balls and sheets make providing your birds with comfy nest liner super easy. It was once widely believed that putting out dryer lint was helpful to nesting birds, IT IS NOT!  Cornell Lab of Ornithology shares that birds will often use nesting material that is offered to them to build nests, and to insulate roosting cavities in the winter, however, though dryer lint may seem desirable, it can actually be dangerous to birds.  In addition, pet fur should only be offered from pets that have not received flea or tick treatments. Take a look at their webpage Providing Nest Materials Dos and Don'ts for more information and ideas about bird-friendly nesting material.

How to Choose the Best Nest Box for Your Birds